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Author: Maureen Ginley

Scale and Gavel

How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer in Pennsylvania

28.08.2018 in Divorce

If you are going through a divorce, you may have questions about how to choose a Pennsylvania attorney who is right for your case. It can be difficult to find someone who works with you and fights for the best possible outcome. Read below to…

Common Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

30.04.2018 in Divorce

Getting a divorce is a very emotional time in a person’s life. You often experience a revolving door of feelings all day, which can affect both your mental and physical health. Having your emotions fluctuate often leads to bad decision-making, which can be detrimental to…

Can Child Support be Negotiated?

16.04.2018 in Child Support

For parents who do not live together, figuring out child support payments is a necessity. According to Pennsylvania’s child support guidelines, both parents need to be financially responsible for their kids’ food, clothing, and shelter. But sometimes parents need to create a plan to meet…

Common Questions about Separation in Pennsylvania

02.04.2018 in Separation

Do you and your spouse want to take some time apart, but you aren’t sure how you go about doing it? Who will live in the house, take care of the kids, or pay the shared bills? Getting a separation in Pennsylvania can be confusing,…

A Couple Fighting

Is Your Divorce Hostile? How to Handle Conflict During a Divorce

29.03.2018 in Divorce

Any divorce is bound to have conflict. No two individuals ending a marriage are going to agree on every fact during the entire process. That does not mean every divorce becomes hostile. Some spouses handle disagreement well. They keep their emotions in check and negotiate…

Dealing with Depression as a Single Parent

15.03.2018 in Divorce

As a single parent with depression, you are on-call 24 hours a day while battling a variety of psychological and physical symptoms that prevent you from parenting to the best of your abilities. Asking for help when you need it and taking the time for…

Filing Taxes After a Divorce

01.03.2018 in Divorce

When it comes time to file your taxes, whether or not you are officially divorced makes a difference. If the divorce is not yet final, then you are legally still married. You may file jointly with your spouse or separately. It may feel odd to…

Top 5 Professions with the Highest Divorce Rates

21.02.2018 in Divorce

Most people know that communication issues, money challenges, infidelity, and a lack of intimacy often lead to divorce. However, they may not realize that career choice is also a factor in many divorces. If you are seeking experienced legal representation for your divorce case, reach…