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Child Support

How Do I Get Child Support Increased?

Published: Dec 14, 2020 in Child Support

Pennsylvania law allows for modification of child support under certain conditions. Because any modification, increase or decrease, substantially impacts all parties involved, family courts take requests very seriously. When you need an increase in child support, you’ll want experienced family attorney Anthony Piccirilli by your…

Can Child Support be Negotiated?

Published: Apr 16, 2018 in Child Support

For parents who do not live together, figuring out child support payments is a necessity. According to Pennsylvania’s child support guidelines, both parents need to be financially responsible for their kids’ food, clothing, and shelter. But sometimes parents need to create a plan to meet…

What Can I Pay for With Child Support?

Published: Jul 25, 2017 in Child Support

If you are new to receiving child support in Pennsylvania, whether you just had your son or daughter or are recently divorced, you may have a lot of questions. You may wonder where you should keep your child support – its own account or your…