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20 Questions to Ask a Pittsburgh Divorce Attorney

Published: May 30, 2024 in Divorce, Legal Blog

Divorce is never easy, and navigating the complex legal proceedings and emotional turmoil of ending a marriage is intimidating. You need a competent and experienced divorce attorney to ensure your rights and interests are safeguarded, but what should you ask to ensure you hire the…

What Happens to My 401K & Retirement in a PA Divorce?

Published: Apr 29, 2024 in Divorce, Family Court

When facing a divorce in Pennsylvania, one of the most crucial and complex issues you’ll encounter is the division of your retirement account, including your 401K. Whether you’ve spent years building your retirement savings or are just beginning to plan, understanding how these funds are…

5 Risks of Representing Yourself in a Divorce

Published: Dec 22, 2023 in Divorce

Divorce can be emotionally and financially draining, so it makes sense to look for the most painless route possible. Some people assume their best bet is to forgo legal representation (and the fees that come with it) and be their own divorce attorneys. While everyone…

Who Gets Custody of a Pet After a Divorce in Pennsylvania?

Published: Jul 24, 2023 in Divorce

Divorce is hard for everyone, but the process can be even more challenging when a family pet is involved. A disagreement about the dog, cat, or family goldfish can be difficult to reconcile. An experienced Pittsburgh custody and divorce attorney can help you decide on…

Intellectual Property in Divorce: Who Gets What?

Published: Jan 13, 2023 in Divorce

During a divorce in Pennsylvania, all physical property is divided between spouses. A list of all owned items is submitted, and both partners stake claims about what they want to keep and what they are willing to let go. But how is any intellectual property…

Can Spousal Support be Modified After a Divorce?

Published: Dec 25, 2022 in Family Law

Divorces are not uncommon in today’s marriage landscape. Neither is the possibility of spousal support, commonly ordered by Pennsylvania courts during the proceedings. And usually, the courts set the amount that one spouse owes based on the facts presented to them. However, that doesn’t mean…

Is it Time to Reconsider Our Parenting Plan?

Published: Nov 08, 2022 in Child Custody, Family Law

During divorce proceedings, the court makes a custody agreement to create the best living situation for the children. They base their decision on several factors, including the parents’ incomes, housing, and more, so that the children can get the best possible standard of living. However,…