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Child Custody

Is it Time to Reconsider Our Parenting Plan?

Published: Nov 08, 2022 in Child Custody, Family Law

During divorce proceedings, the court makes a custody agreement to create the best living situation for the children. They base their decision on several factors, including the parents’ incomes, housing, and more, so that the children can get the best possible standard of living. However,…

When To Consider Modifying Your Divorce

Published: Oct 11, 2022 in Adoption, Child Custody, Family Law

If circumstances have changed in your life or in your former spouse’s life, you might want to consider modifying your divorce decree to reflect the update. Of course, you must follow a process when pursuing modifications post-decree. Having the proper evidence to support any modifications…

How do I Terminate Kinship Care?

Published: Oct 05, 2022 in Child Custody

It can be devastating when families are separated, even if it’s done in the children’s best interest. Pennsylvania uses a program to keep children in their family’s custody and has been working to bring them back into their parent’s custody when possible. Knowing about kinship…

What to do if Paternity is in Question

Published: Sep 26, 2022 in Child Custody

Confusion about parentage hampers a court’s ability to order and collect child support for the benefit of the children. While the mother’s identity is usually easy to determine, paternity is not always as apparent. What is Paternity? Simply put, “paternity” means fatherhood. In Pennsylvania, when…

Best Smartphone Apps for Co-Parents and Families

Published: Feb 26, 2021 in Child Custody

Co-parenting is difficult. Even if you have a friendly relationship with your child’s other parent, schedules often conflict. Communication can also be difficult. However, there are smartphone apps out there to help. If you have questions about creating a parenting agreement that works for your…

How Do I Establish Visitation With My Child After Being in Jail?

Published: Jan 06, 2021 in Child Custody

Consequences to criminal legal trouble include upsetting child custody and visitation rights and obligations. An incarcerated parent who shares parenting or visitation can’t fulfill those commitments. Once you leave jail, you may wonder how to re-establish visitation with a child. Exactly how visitation or shared…

Do I Have to Force My Child to Visit My Ex?

Published: Oct 04, 2020 in Child Custody

The law presumes that it is best for a child to have a relationship with both parents. Thus, you should do your best to foster a relationship between your child and your ex. If you are concerned about the safety of your child at your…