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PA Child Protective Services Law

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The PA Child Protective Services Law is meant to safeguard the most vulnerable among us— and to ensure children are not subjected to physical, mental, and sexual abuse. While the purpose and intent of the law are fairly straightforward, working through the complexities of it can prove challenging.

At Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC, a Pittsburgh CPS attorney will help you through the process. We are highly experienced in helping families resolve matters so they can lead happy lives.

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What is the PA Child Protective Services Law?

The PA Child Protective Services Law was developed in response to the urgent need to protect children from suffering further injury by promoting a diligent assessment and reporting suspected child abuse. It involves law enforcement and county agencies in responding swiftly and competently to suspected cases of abuse. The law intends to ensure a child’s well-being while either preserving the integrity of his/her family life or providing an alternative family structure as and when necessary.

Although originally signed in 1975, the PA Child Protective Services Law has been amended several times to further safeguard children from abuse as well as to encourage licensed professionals to more thoroughly report cases of suspected abuse.

What is Child Abuse?

According to the PA Child Protective Services Law, the term “child abuse” refers to an individual’s act, series of acts, or failure to act that causes either serious physical or mental injury to a child. It can also be an act, series of acts, or failure to act that creates either sexual abuse or exploitation. Moreover, child abuse can be behaviors that create imminent risk in any of these ways. The state defines “child” as a person under the age of 18.

How Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC Can Help

Suspected violation of the PA Child Protective Services Law requires an investigation by Child Protective Services (CPS) and a child may be removed from the home during this period. The investigation must yield sufficient evidence that a child faces present and immediate threats to extend the removal from their home. However, if the investigation yields evidence insufficient to prove this, the child will be returned home.

If you are the subject of a CPS investigation, then Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC can help you navigate next steps during what is no doubt a traumatic experience. We can help you understand what led to the investigation and we also know what you need to demonstrate in court to improve the likelihood of a ruling in your favor.

In addition, our attorneys can guide you to the resources you need to resolve the complications that led to your custody loss. These may include, for example, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, counseling, and parenting classes. Your attorney will also help make certain you comply with everything expected of you during the investigation, e.g., attending all court hearings and visitation sessions as the court allows.

You need a knowledgeable attorney when it comes to the PA Child Protective Services Law. Pittsburgh CPS attorney Anthony Piccirilli will listen to you and is confident in his ability to protect your rights and the rights of your family.

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