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Pittsburgh Domestic Attorney

Family issues can be complicated, especially when they escalate to where they need to be handled by the court system. Pennsylvania courts have many complex procedures that must be followed in order to obtain a beneficial outcome for you and your family. Let us help you navigate that process. Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC has experience helping Pittsburgh families deal with difficult situations and obtain a positive resolution to all types of domestic situations.

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Complex Domestic Matters Need Experienced Legal Representation

Domestic law can be complex. It involves an interaction between state and federal laws as well as local court procedures. While courts are interested in finding solutions that are “fair,” all parties involved want what is in their own best interests. When dealing with parties who can be adversarial, it’s best to seek the help of a Pittsburgh family law attorneys.

We can help you with an array of domestic issues, including:

Marriage – Deciding to get married is certainly a time to celebrate, but like with any milestone in life, there is a lot for you and your future spouse to consider. Take some time and review your situation and any potential obstacles with a knowledgeable Pittsburgh marriage lawyer, who can help guide you both down the aisle with confidence.

Divorce – Divorce can be a complicated and emotional process. If you’re considering divorce, or are already in the middle of a divorce, you need an experienced Pittsburgh divorce lawyer on your side to ensure your interests are adequately represented throughout the process.

Domestic Violence – Domestic violence is often the result of a misunderstanding, but can also be a sign that a relationship is beyond saving. Let us help you and your family figure out how to resolve the situation in a way that protects your health, happiness, and rights now and in the future.


Legal Issues Involving Children

Adults often make decisions that affect children in domestic cases. Those decisions can be complicated, and parties may not agree on the desired outcome. If you’re involved in a family law issue involving children, you need an experienced Pittsburgh domestic attorney on your side to ensure your rights are respected and an outcome is reached that benefits everyone.

We can help with the following:

Child Custody — When parents are not together, the custody of their children comes into question. We can help you understand the various types of custody and what is in the best interests of your family.

Child Support — Children deserve the love of both parents; however, the abilities of each parent to provide financial support is diverse. Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC can help you reach an amicable child support agreement that provides for your children.

Paternity — Establishing paternity is often one of the first steps in a legal issue involving a child. We can help you assert your rights and reach a positive outcome for your children.

CPS Investigations — The Pennsylvania Child Protective Services (CPS) serves an important role in the lives of many children throughout the state. If CPS becomes involved in a child welfare issue, the legal issues can become complex. You need an experienced attorney on your side to make sure your rights are protected.

Adoption — With significant experience in the Pennsylvania adoption process, Attorney Anthony Piccirilli can help you. Whether you’re dealing with an adoption by relatives, parental rights, or a specific type of adoption, we will compassionately guide you through the process.

Surrogacy — Legal issues can become complicated in surrogacy situations, especially when dealing with multiple parties who are often emotional. We can help you with surrogacy contracts, egg and sperm donation contracts, and obtaining a pre-birth order to ensure your rights are protected.