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Pittsburgh Family Lawyer

When you need a family lawyer in Pittsburgh, Bogatay Family Law provides skilled and compassionate representation in all types of family law matters.

Attorney James Bogatay dedicates his entire practice to family law so that he can provide the kind of knowledgeable and focused counsel you need for your family law matter, including practical understanding of local domestic courts, how they operate, and how your case may proceed.

There are times in life when you arrive at a fork in the road. The life you thought you’d have is behind you, and new, perhaps overwhelming, possibilities stretch out ahead of you. Your personal path may involve the joy of a new marriage or prospect of adopting, or the uncertainty of a divorce or questions about the custody of your children.

It’s during these times that Bogatay Family Law is here to guide you through the fork in the road and help you set foot on the path that will provide a positive outcome for you and your family. Contact us today at to schedule a free consultation to discuss your family law needs and to learn how our team can help you.

Comprehensive Family Law Services

Bogatay Family Law offers a comprehensive range of representation in domestic legal matters, including:

A Family Law Firm You Can Trust

A family or domestic case inherently means you have to share very personal information with an attorney about your relationships, your finances, your home, and other intimate details that may affect the outcome of your case.

Attorney James Bogatay listens with an open mind and sensitivity to what you’re going through, and will work diligently to represent your best interests and help you achieve a positive outcome for your case.

He has a passion for helping families that is rooted in his own experience as the father of an adopted daughter. His goal is for you to feel supported through the legal process and to know that an experienced and qualified family attorney is in your corner advocating for your best interests.

The legal process for domestic issues often involves hearings and proceedings that take place outside of a courtroom. The re-enactment below depicts a conciliation conference where the parties involved attempt to work out an agreement. Roll over the numbers below to learn more about the process:

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Pittsburgh Divorce Lawyer

Ending a marriage can be an incredibly complicated process, even when the split is amicable. There are numerous questions to answer: Who gets the house? Will someone receive alimony? Does someone have to be at fault? Who pays the joint credit cards? When can you file for divorce?

The help of a skilled Pittsburgh divorce lawyer can be highly beneficial when answering these questions, either through negotiation or through the family court process. Bogatay Family Law will work to protect your interests and to help you achieve your goals in your divorce case. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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Pittsburgh Child Support Lawyer

Child support cases can be highly contentious. Parents often disagree about who should pay child support and how much. To get a fair outcome for your child support case, contact Bogatay Family Law for representation by an experienced Pittsburgh child support lawyer.

Attorney James Bogatay can offer an honest and straightforward assessment of your child support case and what to expect in court. He can represent parents at any stage in the process, including parents seeking an initial child support order, those who want to modify or appeal a child support order, or parents who have become financially overwhelmed and have fallen behind on child support payments. Contact Bogatay Family Law for a free consultation about your child support case today.

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Pittsburgh Custody Lawyer

For a parent facing child custody negotiations, or the possible loss of custody, the legal system can seem terrifying. The different types of custody may seem confusing. Additionally, there are many factors that affect how custody is determined.

A dedicated Pittsburgh custody lawyer can help you make sure that all of the details of your custody case are in order so that your case isn’t jeopardized by an oversight in paperwork. Attorney James Bogatay has detailed knowledge of how custody cases work in courts in and around Pittsburgh and can help give you your best chance at a positive outcome for your custody case and for your family.

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Pittsburgh PFA (Protection From Abuse) Lawyer

Protection from abuse (PFA) orders arise in extremely emotional situations that are often rife with conflict. Domestic abuse is a complex issue and there are two sides to every story. You need someone by your side to make sure the best interests of you and your family are considered at every step.

If you need help, contact our experienced Pittsburgh PFA lawyer to find out more about your rights dealing with PFA issues. Attorney James Bogatay will compassionately listen to your situation and help you navigate the paperwork and court process involved with PFAs.

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Bogatay Family Law is based in Pittsburgh, but provides a wide range of family law services to people living throughout Southwest Pennsylvania.

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It’s natural for financial uncertainty when dealing with family law matters, whether you’re contemplating dividing assets in a divorce or taking on the expense of a new child. Bogatay Family law aims to ease your worry by offering a free consultation about your domestic case and affordable fees for our services so that you can get the representation you need.

To learn more about what we offer, contact us at to schedule your appointment today.