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Common Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

Published: Apr 30, 2018 in Divorce

Written by Anthony Piccirilli

Getting a divorce is a very emotional time in a person’s life. You often experience a revolving door of feelings all day, which can affect both your mental and physical health. Having your emotions fluctuate often leads to bad decision-making, which can be detrimental to your case. Be sure to avoid the divorce mistakes below to make your proceedings as quick and stress-free as possible.

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Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

While there are a number of actions you should avoid during divorce proceedings, some of the most important are:

Hiding Assets
The state of Pennsylvania divides marital assets according to the rule of equitable division. This means all of the property you own with your spouse will be divided fairly between the two of you. This does not mean the court will give you each exactly half of your belongings; rather, they review a number of factors to determine how much each of you should get.

Attempting to hide marital assets during your divorce is a bad idea. If you’re caught, it’s quite possible the court will decide to severely cut your share or withdraw your part of the marital property entirely. If there are assets you really want to keep, consider having your lawyer discuss it with your spouse’s attorney, or ask the court to grant you the property you’re requesting.

Refusal to Compromise
Divorce is a difficult process already. Don’t make it worse by adopting a divisive attitude. It’s perfectly understandable to harbor feelings of bitterness toward your spouse, but don’t allow your negative thoughts to affect your actions. When you’re willing to make some compromises, it not only quells your anger, but it also can work in your favor. Giving your spouse something they ask for may make them more willing to agree to your requests.

Allowing Your Emotions to Get the Best of You
When you let your fury supersede compromise or civility, you will only make things worse for yourself. Your case could drag on forever, costing you precious time and money. Your attitude could cost you in other ways, too. People don’t want to be around such negativity, and your lawyer may decide to part ways with you if you aren’t willing to move forward with your case.

It’s certainly possible to get spousal support in some divorce cases. Don’t use a support request as a chance to become a millionaire. If you request an inflated amount, your spouse will surely contest it, and the judge may deny you support entirely.

Not Hiring a Divorce Lawyer
All of these divorce mistakes, as well as many others, could be avoided entirely if you hire a competent divorce lawyer. An attorney will help you file your complaint and gather pertinent documents for your proceedings. Divorce lawyers are also well-versed in negotiation, and may help you and your spouse divide your property in a way that works for both of you. If you’re actively pursuing a divorce or just considering it, you may want to consult with an attorney.

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