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Top 5 Professions with the Highest Divorce Rates

Published: Feb 21, 2018 in Divorce

Written by Anthony Piccirilli

Most people know that communication issues, money challenges, infidelity, and a lack of intimacy often lead to divorce. However, they may not realize that career choice is also a factor in many divorces.

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Jobs with High Divorce Rates

Below is a list of the top five professions with the highest divorce rates:

1. Dancers and Choreographers
Dancers and choreographers are at a higher risk for divorce than other professionals. The intimate environment in which they work often leads to extramarital affairs between co-workers. Additionally, when dancers are not on stage, they are focused on keeping their bodies in perfect shape, leaving little time for them to work on their marriage.

2. Bartenders
It’s not surprising that bartenders are also at an increased risk for divorce. They work in a bar which is an atmosphere full of alcohol. It’s easy for a married bartender to cheat on their spouse and develop a relationship with someone they meet while serving alcohol.

3. Massage Therapists
Touching another person’s unclothed body is part of a massage therapist’s job. This can create intimacy and break up a marriage. Due to the nature of their work, massage therapists may hear questions such as “what types of clients did you have today,” or “what exactly did you do all day” from a jealous spouse.

4. Gaming Cage Workers
Gaming cage workers are responsible for counting money at gaming establishments like casinos. If a gaming cage worker is dishonest while working, they may be dishonest in their marriage. In addition, gaming cage workers work long hours and may have an affair with someone they meet at work in order to unwind and relax. Since most casinos are open twenty-four hours a day, the hours gaming cage workers work can take a toll on a marriage as well.

5. Factory Workers
You may be surprised to learn that factory works have a high divorce rate. Factory jobs are often low-paying and may make people feel as if they cannot pull their financial weight in a marriage. Factory workers may also find their work to be unfulfilling and try to mingle with others in order to try to land a new career.

Research has proven that professions that are linked to higher salaries usually correlate to lower divorce rates. Those who work in the medical, financial, and tech industries feel fulfilled and have more of a desire to make their marriage work. Actuaries, physical scientists, medical scientists, clergy, software developers, physical therapists, and optometrists have some of the lowest divorce rates.

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Jobs are meant to enrich our lives, not cause our personal relationships to fall apart. Although certain careers may increase divorce risk, a divorce can happen to anyone, regardless of their profession.

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