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How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Published: Aug 28, 2018 in Divorce
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Written by Anthony Piccirilli

If you are going through a divorce, you may have questions about how to choose a Pennsylvania attorney who is right for your case. It can be difficult to find someone who works with you and fights for the best possible outcome. Read below to learn tips on how to choose a divorce lawyer that will work for you.

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Find a Divorce Lawyer with Experience in Your Jurisdiction

You will file for divorce in the county where you live or where your ex-partner lives. These locations are called jurisdictions. You will want an attorney who has worked in your jurisdiction and has familiarity with the local courts. Every court has special procedures and preferences. You will want your attorney to understand those local procedures and know local judges’ preferences.

For example, Pittsburgh is in Allegheny County, which has divorce courts with specific procedures. Allegheny County is in the Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania. Divorces are handled in the Family Division – Adult Section. Every family court case filed in Allegheny County must be accompanied by a Statistics Cover Sheet. If all forms are not completed according to instructions, then your case may be delayed or dismissed. It’s best to work with an attorney who is familiar with the Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania when filing a divorce in Allegheny County.

Determine What Kind of Legal Services You Need

There are many different types of divorce, all of which require different skills and knowledge from a divorce lawyer. You should speak with several attorneys to find if their experience aligns with the help you require. You may need step-by-step guidance through a contested divorce, or you may just need help with legal documents in an uncontested divorce. Find an attorney who is willing to give you the type of assistance you need and won’t force unnecessary services on you that result in extra expenses.

Decide What You Can Afford

A divorce can be a long and involved process, meaning it can also be an expensive legal endeavor. It’s important to remain aware of your budget throughout the proceedings. Some attorneys charge by the hour, and others charge a flat rate for limited services. You may even be able to find a divorce lawyer who creates a payment plan just for you. Determine what you can afford and be honest with your lawyer about your budget.

Ask for Referrals and View Testimonials Online

One of the best ways to find out the quality of a lawyer is to review what past clients think of them. Your friends and family may have suggestions about attorneys they have used. You can also view testimonials from past clients online. Many lawyer websites have sections for testimonials. Find a divorce lawyer who other people have been happy with.

Find a Divorce Lawyer Who Focuses on Family Law

Lawyers are like doctors, they each have a focus. When looking for a divorce lawyer, you should find someone who practices family law. Although some attorneys also practice criminal law, personal injury, business law, and other practices, make sure your lawyer has experience with all types of family law. If your divorce also involves children, alimony, and other issues, ensure that your lawyer has experience with an array of family law issues.

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