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Author: Dominic Padova

20 questions to ask a Pittsburgh divorce attorney

20 Questions to Ask a Pittsburgh Divorce Attorney

30.05.2024 in Divorce, Legal Blog

Divorce is never easy, and navigating the complex legal proceedings and emotional turmoil of ending a marriage is intimidating. You need a competent and experienced divorce attorney to ensure your rights and interests are safeguarded, but what should you ask to ensure you hire the…

Things to Know About Adopting from Foster Care

24.01.2018 in Adoption

As family law attorneys, one of the best things we get to do is help people expand their families through adoption. While some individuals choose to go through a private agency and adopt a child from another state or country, you also have the option…

Advice for High Asset Divorce

29.12.2017 in Divorce

Divorce by itself can bring with it a range of difficult emotions without even considering the issue of money and property. High asset divorce also adds another set of challenges to be handled by both parties. There are complexities involved with accounting high-value assets, including…

How Are Holidays with Kids Decided After a Divorce?

18.12.2017 in Divorce

Although the holidays are often a joyful time for many families, for those with children having to deal with the divorce of their parents, it can be very rough. In addition to celebrating the holiday, families often have their own unique traditions over these special…

Inheritance After a Divorce

11.12.2017 in Divorce

The issues related to inheritance after a divorce can be complex and challenging to sort out. You may rely on the assumption that the assets from an inheritance you received, whether prior to your marriage or during your marriage, are exclusively your own. However, particular…