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How Are Holidays with Kids Decided After a Divorce?

Published: Dec 18, 2017 in Divorce

Written by Anthony Piccirilli

Although the holidays are often a joyful time for many families, for those with children having to deal with the divorce of their parents, it can be very rough. In addition to celebrating the holiday, families often have their own unique traditions over these special periods of time as well. Some travel to visit relatives, others attend special events, and some people have special holiday meals they prepare and enjoy. Sometimes divorce, especially for children, can threaten to disrupt all of these family traditions. A Pittsburgh child visitation lawyer can help families sort out matters of visitation and custody when conflict over these issues exists.

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Tips to Make the Best of the Holidays After Divorce

Creating an environment free from conflict and tension can be a challenge during and after a divorce. Parents are often in the position where they must divide time with their children. This can be a huge adjustment for both the parents and the kids. A Pittsburgh child visitation attorney can help provide legal support when there are disagreement or disputes about how to proceed with custody issues.

Here are several ideas that might make the holidays seasons easier under the circumstances of divorce:

1. Plan Ahead of Time
Communicate with your former spouse about how the schedule will work over the holidays between both of you and the kids. The focus should be on what is best for the children. Plan out an agreed upon schedule.

2. Sharing Time Together If Possible
If possible, make arrangements to share at least part of the holiday season together with the children. Some children will appreciate seeing their parents together during this time. However, if conflict and tension seems unavoidable between you and your ex, it may be best to avoid these situations. Having an attorney provide adept legal advice and representation can help smooth out these situations for the future.

3. Split Up Celebrations If Necessary
Some families may choose to divide the days of the holiday between each parent. For instance, an option may be to celebrate Thanksgiving with one parent on Thursday, the other parent on Friday, and then alternate the following year. Christmas usually includes a week or so off from school, so plan how both of you can share time with the children. A family may choose to have the children spend Christmas Eve with one parent and Christmas Day with the other parent, reversing the days following year.

4. Consider the Children’s Memories
One of the most important considerations while dealing with how to handle the holidays after divorce involves remembering your children’s memories. What can they still enjoy and cherish from both parents during these times? Be sure to keep their needs a top priority. Children will remember the family time they experience in the long run.

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