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Author: Christian Lautenschleger

Attorney pointing at where couple needs to sign document

How Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Cost in PA?

07.10.2021 in Divorce

Hiring a Pittsburgh divorce lawyer may save you money when you consider the costly mistakes you could make on your own. Divorce can be expensive if you will be responsible for assets, debts, and child or spousal support. A divorce attorney isn’t always about cost…

Disgruntled couple in front of papers and wedding rings

Is It Worth It to Get a Divorce Lawyer?

01.04.2021 in Child Support, Divorce

A divorce can be stressful and expensive. You might think you can save some money by doing it yourself and not hiring an attorney. However, if you hire a divorce lawyer, you will be better off in the long run. They will deal with the…

A divorcing couple arguing during mediation at a boardroom table feature photo

What Should I Expect in a Divorce Mediation?

21.03.2021 in Divorce

Divorce can be difficult, and the results aren’t always as you had wished. However, you can have more control over the outcome when you go through divorce mediation instead of leaving it all up to the court. If you need help through your divorce, contact…

Using social media on phone image

Best Smartphone Apps for Co-Parents and Families

26.02.2021 in Child Custody

Co-parenting is difficult. Even if you have a friendly relationship with your child’s other parent, schedules often conflict. Communication can also be difficult. However, there are smartphone apps out there to help. If you have questions about creating a parenting agreement that works for your…

Child waving through glass image

How Do I Establish Visitation With My Child After Being in Jail?

06.01.2021 in Child Custody

Consequences to criminal legal trouble include upsetting child custody and visitation rights and obligations. An incarcerated parent who shares parenting or visitation can’t fulfill those commitments. Once you leave jail, you may wonder how to re-establish visitation with a child. Exactly how visitation or shared…

How to survive the holidays during a divorce

How to Survive the Holidays During a Divorce

21.12.2020 in Divorce, Holidays

Divorce is always difficult, but it can be made even more complex when it is taking place during the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas are supposed to be happy times of the year, but it’s hard to remain positive when you’re facing the unknown. Don’t deal…

How do I get my child support increased image

How Do I Get Child Support Increased?

14.12.2020 in Child Support

Pennsylvania law allows for modification of child support under certain conditions. Because any modification, increase or decrease, substantially impacts all parties involved, family courts take requests very seriously. When you need an increase in child support, you’ll want experienced family attorney Anthony Piccirilli by your…

Do I have to force my child to visit my ex?

Do I Have to Force My Child to Visit My Ex?

04.10.2020 in Child Custody

The law presumes that it is best for a child to have a relationship with both parents. Thus, you should do your best to foster a relationship between your child and your ex. If you are concerned about the safety of your child at your…