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Who Pays for Extra Curricular Activities After a Divorce?

Published: Nov 01, 2017 in Child Support, Divorce

Written by Anthony Piccirilli

Parents who decide to get a divorce find that they need to make a number of decisions regarding their children, including where the kids will live and how often they will visit their non-custodial parent. They will also likely discuss child support payments, which are calculated to help their child live the life to which they’ve grown accustomed. But what, exactly, does child support cover? Is it just for the basics, like food, water, and a place to live? If so, who pays for extracurricular activities after a divorce? To learn more about how child support payments are calculated, call a Pittsburgh divorce lawyer at Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC at (412) 471-5100 for a free and confidential case consultation.

Child Support Agreements

When parents divorce, one spouse typically becomes the custodial parent, and their house will be the primary residence for the children. The other spouse, known as the non-custodial parent, will get visitation rights. The non-custodial parent will also likely pay child support to the custodial parent – though both parents are equally responsible for caring for their children, the parent who lives with the children provides most of that care, while the non-custodial parent provides financial support.

Child support payments are used to ensure a child can maintain the lifestyle to which they’ve gotten used to. These payments cover more than just food, water, and shelter. They can also be used for sports, music lessons, extracurricular activities, and vacations.

Support payments are outlined in a child support agreement. This court-approved document outlines the amount of the payments, as well as the time frame and manner in which they are to be received. Parents can create this agreement themselves, or with the help of a third-party moderator. Because you and your spouse know your kids better than anyone else, you understand their financial needs and can come up with the best way for you both to care for them.

Alternatives to the Child Support Agreement

If you and your spouse cannot work together to create an agreement, you can turn to other outlets for help. The judge in charge of your case may agree to calculate payments for you. You can also request that your child support payments be calculate by the state’s Bureau of Child Support Enforcement (BCSE). While both options are helpful, they may not provide figures that fully consider all the costs of your child’s extracurricular activities, which may leave one parent with the burden of having to make up the difference.

Let Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC Help

Child support payments can be confusing. You and your former spouse want what’s best for your child, but you also want to make sure you’re both providing fair and equal support to your children during this difficult time. The child support attorneys at Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC understand how difficult calculating support payments can be. We can help you make a list of your child’s extracurricular activities and determine how both you and your former spouse can contribute your support. We want to help you resolve your issues quickly and peacefully.

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