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Allegheny County Generations Program

Published: Dec 06, 2016 in Child Custody

Written by Anthony Piccirilli

When two parents go through a divorce, determining custody is of the highest priority. Child support, or the monthly payment that is made by one parent to maintain the child’s currents standard of living, is often a sensitive issue. In addition, the child’s living situation must be arranged. In most cases, one parent will attend to the child’s day-to-day needs while the other parent moves to a different location. A custody battle can be difficult for everyone involved. Parents might not know how work with one another, and children may feel as if their world is falling apart. Thankfully, a program exists that provides training on custody issues – the Allegheny County Generations Program. It is designed to help children and parents understand the dynamics of changing families and the ways in which peaceful agreements can be reached.

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Understanding the Generations Program

In Allegheny County, any family who is involved in a battle for custody must participate in the Generations program. The program is meant to provide parents with the knowledge and resources they need to successfully create their own custody agreements. It also helps parents understands how changes in custody affect their children and how parents can be instrumental in minimizing the negative effects of divorce.

Generations also benefits children. Among other things, it allows children to share their experiences with one another. Children are taught through the program that their parents’ love is unconditional, and that this distressing time in their lives is only temporary.

There are two main components in the Generations program, including:

  • Lessons for parents on how to smoothly resolve issues of custody and a simultaneous interactive group for children
  • A session for parents that focuses on mediation skills and techniques

What Does the Program Cover?

Parents who are involved in the Generations program must first attend an educational seminar. This meeting is centered on how parents can collaborate with one another as well as how the negative effects of a custody battle can be minimized. For example, one of the topics covered in this meeting involves co-parenting techniques. The focus is on the many benefits that come from a child having both parents involved in their life. Another area that is explored during this meeting is how parental behavior affects child behavior. If both parents are constantly fighting, the child is likely to display abnormal signs of aggression. While parents complete their first sessions, children between the ages of 6 and 15 are required to attend a children’s group. Games, art, and other activities are used to help children understand the complexities of divorce and changes in custody.

For parents, the Generations program has a second session. In this portion, the focus is on mediation and conflict resolution. In most cases, a mediator will spend a number of hours with both parents. The parents are encouraged to bring up any issues that relate to child custody. The mediator then helps the parents resolve these issues and explains techniques for conflict resolution that can be used at home. The goal of this session is to give parents the tools they need to create their own custody agreement and parenting plan.

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There is no doubt that going through a custody battle can have devastating effects. The relationship with your former spouse might only get worse, and you may be worried about how the relationship with your child will be affected. Fortunately, parents and children can get assistance from the Generations program in Allegheny County. Parents can learn the essentials of creating their own parenting agreement, and children are shown how they can cope with their parents’ separation.

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