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Surviving Thanksgiving After a Divorce

Published: Nov 22, 2017 in Divorce

Written by Anthony Piccirilli

The holidays can be a difficult time for divorced people. You could get caught up in the nostalgia of past memories spent with your family, or you might still have lingering feelings about your split. But it’s important to remember that surviving Thanksgiving after a divorce is something that will get easier with time. To help deal with this potentially difficult holiday season, a Pittsburgh divorce lawyer of Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC compiled the following list of tips for surviving Thanksgiving after a divorce:

1. Keep communication open. Remember that you have friends and family that want to do whatever they can to make this time easier for you. Take advantage of their support to open up about how you’re feeling. If you’re angry, feel free to vent. If you’re sad, find a shoulder to cry on. But try to get everything out before the big day so you can spend Thanksgiving enjoying their company, not expressing your negative feelings about your divorce.

2. Make your own new traditions. Take the expression “out with the old, in with the new” to heart. Remembering your old traditions will likely make you sad, so it’s best to toss those out in favor of something new. Try cooking different side dishes or decorating the house a new way. You may want to try traveling for the holidays – head to the mountains to ski, or go see a Broadway show and spend the long weekend in a nice hotel. You may find new and exciting traditions that will make you forget about the potentially painful memories from your past life.

3. Don’t try to keep your kids from your ex. Parents with children can have a difficult time being without their kids on the holidays. While emotions can run high this time of year, try to be the bigger person and have a thoughtful discussion with your ex about where the children will spend Thanksgiving. This is especially helpful for your children, whose lives should not have to be disrupted further by bitter fights between you and your former spouse.

4. Put the “giving” in “Thanksgiving.” Try taking a break from your problems and instead concentrate on doing some good for others. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, or do some shopping for organizations that prepare meals and buy holiday gifts for the less fortunate. Spend time visiting at a senior center and bring some joy to people who may not see their family during the holidays. These selfless acts will make you feel good about yourself and help take your mind off your negative thoughts.

5. Gut the guilt. Newly-divorced people can feel guilty about breaking up the old, traditional holidays. Parents worry about their children, who are so used to having Thanksgiving under one roof and now have to split time between two homes. You need to remember, however, that you got divorced because you were unhappy and you wanted a better life. You’ll find that your family wants this for you as much as you do.

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