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New PA Divorce Law Should Speed Up the Process

Published: Nov 15, 2017 in Divorce

Written by Anthony Piccirilli

The divorce process can be difficult on everyone involved. In addition to everything that you and your family are going through, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has not always made finalizing a divorce easy or fast. However, a new law under House Bill 380, may allow for those seeking a no-fault divorce to obtain one in just one year. While no-fault divorces are the most common actions through which marriages are legally ended in Pennsylvania, each case is unique, and your divorce may not fall under the reforms of the new PA divorce law.

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No-Fault Divorce and House Bill 380

Most people who are seeking a divorce file for one of several no-fault actions that are available. These types of divorce do not officially blame the failed marriage on one of the spouses, and they are much more common than fault-based divorces in which one spouse is legally considered to be the victim of inappropriate conduct that is found to be the reason for the divorce. While you may think that you require a fault-based divorce due to the behavior of your spouse, it is best to consult with your divorce attorney. Sometimes a no-fault divorce is much easier, and it allows for you to move on with your life sooner.
Pennsylvania’s new divorce law, House Bill 380, allows for a no-fault divorce based on irreconcilable differences, and moves things along much quicker than when the two spouses do not agree on the need for divorce. This situation used to require that it could be shown that the married couple had been living apart for at least two years. The new law states that now the couple needs to only have been living apart for one year. This allows your attorney to complete your divorce much quicker, even if your estranged spouse is being uncooperative.

You Have Many Options In Seeking To End Your Marriage

Many of our clients are living apart from their spouses, but getting a divorce finalized is often impossible if the other person is absent or completely unhelpful. If a divorce due to irreconcilable differences is best for you, it can now be completed much quicker due to House Bill 380. However, there are many other types of divorces that you can receive under Pennsylvania law, including:

Other no-fault divorces:

  • Mutual consent for irreconcilable differences- In this case, both spouses agree that the marriage should be finalized as soon as possible. This can be done in 90 days.
  • No-fault divorce based on mental illness- If a serious mental disorder has resulted in the confinement of one spouse to an institution or mental health facility for at least 18 months, this it grounds to file for a no-fault divorce.

Fault-based divorces can be granted if the at-fault spouse is legally found to have done one of the following:

  • Willfully and maliciously deserted the other
  • Committed adultery
  • Endangered the life or health of the other spouse, or treated the other in a cruel way
  • Engaged in bigamy
  • Convicted of a crime and imprisoned for at least two years

Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC Can Help You

Seeking a divorce can be overwhelming for anybody, and you need experienced legal help during this difficult time. We understand that no two divorce cases are the same, and finalizing your divorce in a timely fashion is extremely important for you and your loved ones. If you are seeking a divorce, but your spouse is absent or being uncooperative, the new PA divorce law requires that your time living apart only needs to amount to one year. With the help of an experienced attorney at Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC, you and your loved ones can move on with your life as soon as possible.

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