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Protection from Abuse (PFA) Advocates

Protection from Abuse (PFA) Advocates can help you navigate the legal process along with a trusted Pittsburgh protection order lawyer.

In the state of Pennsylvania, the Protection from Abuse Act exists to protect adults and children from all forms of domestic abuse. If a person feels that a family member, a current or former spouse, or a household member poses a threat to themselves or their children, they are legally allowed to seek a Protection from Abuse (PFA) order. Obtaining this court-issued protection has many steps, including filing a petition and attending a court hearing to prove that domestic violence is taking place. Fortunately, Protection from Abuse (PFA) advocates exist to help people understand their options.

While advocates and other state-sponsored professionals can simplify the processes involved in obtaining a PFA order, the help of an experienced attorney can be invaluable. A lawyer can walk you through every step of the process and ensure you present the evidence that will give your case the best chance of being successful. Our Pittsburgh protection order lawyers at Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC have years of experience helping people fight for their safety. Attorney Anthony Piccirilli will work tirelessly to ensure that the court understands the gravity of your situation.

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What is a PFA Advocate?

A PFA advocate is a legal professional that helps victims of domestic abuse obtain Protection from Abuse orders. In many cases, an advocate may help someone file a petition with the court that will be evaluated by a judge. The help of an advocate might also be needed during the court hearing that determines whether a PFA order will be granted. A PFA advocate can help a victim understand their options. They also make themselves available as guides for the legal processes involved in obtaining a court order. Everything that is discussed between a victim and an advocate is confidential. They may only contact the authorities if they are made aware of child endangerment.

To obtain the assistance of a PFA advocate, a person simply needs to contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline or make a request through the court or your lawyer. There are advocates all over the country that can help with your specific protection needs. In addition, the services of a PFA advocate are completely free.

Why Seek the Help of a PFA Advocate?

Among other things, a PFA advocate is well-informed when it comes to the processes involved in obtaining a PFA order. If you are lost in paperwork or you do not even know where to begin, an advocate can show you the way. When filing your petition, for example, they can help you understand exactly what needs to be included. An advocate can also be helpful during your PFA hearing, speaking on your behalf if you are overwhelmed. They will do everything in their power to help you understand the process of obtaining a PFA order. A PFA advocate can also be helpful outside of the courtroom. They can aid in creating a safety plan that can be enacted in the event of an incident.

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A PFA advocate can be instrumental in helping you decipher the basics of obtaining a protection order. However, even after you understand the legal process, you may ask yourself, what evidence do I need to present? How can I ensure that my case has the best chance of being successful? To address the more complicated aspects of your civil case, you need the help of an experienced legal professional. An attorney can present you with legal strategies that may be effective in helping you obtain a PFA order. They can also help you put your best foot forward in court, providing you with insight related to the evidence that needs to be presented in order for your request to be approved.

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