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Going through a divorce or any family law issue in Allegany County or a surrounding area can be stressful and emotionally challenging. Fortunately, compassionate and experienced legal representation can improve a family law issue and ensure that your rights are protected.

If you are seeking an Allegany County family lawyer, you should contact Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC today at (412) 471-5100 for a free and confidential consultation. Our firm handles a wide variety of family law issues and will work hard to achieve the best possible resolution for you and your family.


When a marriage ends in separation or divorce, an entire family can suffer from long-lasting consequences. Therefore, if you are filing for divorce in Allegany County, it’s important that you reach out to an Allegany County divorce lawyer from Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC.

Our firm will take the time to understand your situation and inform you whether an at-fault divorce, no-fault divorce, uncontested divorce, contested divorce, annulment, legal separation, or LGBT divorce makes sense for your particular situation. We’ll then guide you through the entire divorce process and ensure that you are being treated fairly.

Child Custody

During any divorce that involves a child, it’s essential that both parents keep the child’s best interests in mind. Additionally, it’s vital that your rights as a parent are respected. If you are seeking an Allegheny County child custody lawyer, Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC can help.

We understand how difficult custody battles can be and are committed to working with you to protect your parental rights during custody determination, the custody court process, custody enforcement, and parenting plans.

Child Support

In Pennsylvania, parents are responsible for providing for their child financially, even if their marriage ends in a divorce. For this reason, family courts in the state order the parent without primary physical custody of the child to pay child support to care for their child’s financial needs.

Since child support issues are often very complex, you should consult an Allegheny County child support attorney from Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC if you are going through a divorce with a child. We can assist you in all legal matters related to child support including modifying child support, child support contempt, child support enforcement, child support appeals, and high-income child support.

Domestic Violence and Protection from Abuse (PFA)

A violent confrontation between family or household members that involve physical harm, the fear of physical harm, or sexual assault is known as domestic violence. Often times, victims of domestic violence obtain a Protection from Abuse, which is a civil order that protects them from harm by family or household members.

If you are a victim of domestic violence and would like a PFA or are seeking legal representation because a PFA has been wrongly issued against you or you are being charged with domestic violence when you did not commit it, call an Allegheny County family lawyer from Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC right away.

Protection Orders

A protection order is issued by the court and can protect you from being harassed, hit, threatened, or stalked by another person. If you believe that you could benefit from a protection order because you have experienced domestic or sexual violence, contact an Allegheny County family lawyer from Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC. Our firm can assist you with obtaining a Protection From Abuse (PFA), Protection From Sexual Violence (PFSV), or Protection From Intimidation (PFI).


If you are looking to open your loving family to a child, you should consult an Allegheny County adoption lawyer from Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC to guide you through the complicated process of adoption. We can ensure that your same-sex adoption, stepparent adoption, grandparent adoption, closed adoption, open adoption, or international adoption runs smoothly. If you are unsure of what type of adoption is right for you, we can educate you on the various options so you can make an informed decision.


Traditional surrogacy is when the surrogate is the biological mother whose egg is fertilized with the sperm from either a donor or intended father, whereas gestation surrogacy occurs when the surrogate is not biologically related to the embryo and the intended parents become the baby’s legal parents after the embryo has been carried to term. If you are involved in any type of surrogacy situation, you should contact an Allegheny County family lawyer to help you negotiate a surrogate agreement and navigate the complicated laws and issues in surrogate pregnancies.


Establishing the legal rights and responsibilities of a man to his biological child is known as paternity. It is used by fathers to exercise their right to visit or obtain custody of their child. In addition, it can benefit mothers by allowing them to petition child support. Paternity may also be good for the child because it can give them the chance to build a relationship with their biological father if they wish. Since establishing paternity in Pennsylvania can be tricky, if you’d like to do so in Allegheny County, reach out to Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC.

CPS Investigations

Are you in a situation in Pennsylvania where Child Protective Services or CPS has become involved? If so, you need legal representation from Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC. We can help you understand the Pennsylvania CPS laws, guide you through the CPS investigation process, make sure your rights are protected, and represent you if your child is being removed from your care.

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