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Pittsburgh High Asset Divorce Lawyer

High asset divorces involve complex legal considerations, including distribution of debt and allocation of assets.

During a divorce, a couple may be very distraught, but they still need to deal with several important issues. This includes everything from how the day-to-day needs of children will be met to creating support and visitation agreements. A number of other problems must be resolved during a divorce, such as asset distribution, spousal support, and debt distribution. In high asset divorce cases, these issues can be more difficult to resolve, as both spouses may want the lion’s share of property and funds.

Our Pittsburgh divorce lawyers understand how awkward these intricate financial situations can be. With years of legal experience, we will work tirelessly and meticulously to ensure that your divorce agreement is fair and balanced.

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Being Straightforward and Protecting Your Assets

Those involved in high asset or high value divorce cases often attempt to hide certain property or sources of income. While this may seem like a form of self-protection, it can actually be detrimental to your financial situation. Divorce attorneys are well trained in uncovering these types of details. Your spouse’s lawyer may even conduct an independent investigation to reveal hidden items. If the court discovers that you not being straightforward about the amount of marital property or funds in your possession, you may end up being penalized during the distribution process. In other words, the judge may grant the majority of your marital assets to the other person.

If you are the primary earner in your family, you may be worried about your finances being taken advantage of in a divorce. After all, it is fairly common for one spouse to be granted more than their fair share during a divorce. However, this can all be avoided with mediation. An experienced divorce lawyer can aid in creating an agreement that protects the things most important to you, and can guide you through every step of the process.

Determining Alimony Payments

A legal separation involving high assets follows the standard divorce process. This is also the case when the court makes a ruling on spousal support. This form of financial aid, often referred to as alimony, is a monthly payment that is made from one spouse to the other. The spouse with a higher earning potential will make payments to the other person. The receiving spouse is supposed to use these payments for education or job training that will help them move on with their life. Strangely, though, the spending of these funds is not monitored. A judge may consider a number of factors when determining spousal support. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The annual and monthly income of each spouse
  • Whether or not the higher earning spouse is able to afford spousal support
  • The reason for the marriage ending
  • Each spouses sources of income, including retirement and medical benefits

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There is no doubt that going through a divorce can put everything you have worked hard to establish in danger, and these risks are even greater in a high asset divorce since you have more property and funds at stake. If you are a parent, you may also be worried about how these financial questions will affect your child’s stability.

At Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC, we realize how stressful these concerns can be for someone going through a break-up. Attorney Anthony Piccirilli can aid in your domestic litigation efforts to determine what is fair. Do not be taken advantage of by your ex.

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