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Divorce representation with a judge gavel

What Happens to My 401K & Retirement in a PA Divorce?

29.04.2024 in Divorce, Family Court

When facing a divorce in Pennsylvania, one of the most crucial and complex issues you’ll encounter is the division of your retirement account, including your 401K. Whether you’ve spent years building your retirement savings or are just beginning to plan, understanding how these funds are…

Disgruntled couple in front of papers and wedding rings

5 Risks of Representing Yourself in a Divorce

22.12.2023 in Divorce

Divorce can be emotionally and financially draining, so it makes sense to look for the most painless route possible. Some people assume their best bet is to forgo legal representation (and the fees that come with it) and be their own divorce attorneys. While everyone…

Parental Mental Illness in Child Custody Cases

Parental Mental Illness in Child Custody Cases

21.01.2020 in Child Custody

Mental illness affects many parents and is often something that people are afraid to talk about. However, mental illness can be managed well with proper treatment. If you have a mental illness you’re probably wondering if it will impact your rights as a parent. And…

Shadow of person being abused

When Will the Court Issue a PFA Order?

16.12.2019 in Protection From Abuse (PFA)

If you have been the victim of domestic violence or are a defendant in a domestic violence case in Pennsylvania, a protection from abuse (PFA) order might be issued in your case. This type of order has serious implications for your future. Because of this,…

Child with parental visitation

How to Get More Visitation Time with My Child

10.11.2019 in Uncategorized

Nothing is more important than your child. If your custody and visitation plan doesn’t feel fair or doesn’t allow you the amount of contact you need with your child, visitation schedules can be changed. It’s important to ask for a modification if you need a…

Man working on estate planning documents

Estate Planning After a Divorce

25.09.2019 in Divorce, Family Law, Legal Blog

Ending a marriage a difficult process and can leave you feeling completely drained. Once your divorce is finalized, however, you need to then turn your attention to estate planning. You need to plan how your assets will be distributed, and who will take care of…

Conference room with tables and chairs

What to Expect at a Divorce Settlement Conference

11.09.2019 in Divorce, Legal Blog

The decision to divorce is often much easier than deciding how to divorce. Figuring out how to divide marital assets and handle custody issues can be extremely difficult. The divorce settlement conference is your opportunity to reach an agreement that works for everyone involved. While…

Attorney pointing at where couple needs to sign document

How Much Does a Pennsylvania Divorce Cost?

15.05.2019 in Divorce

The cost of your divorce will depend on many factors. A divorce lawyer at Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC can explain what expenses you may face when you decide to end your marriage. Because of the importance of custody, support, and other relevant matters,…